Monthly Archives: September 2014


Basically, a documentary. About 20 years from now. True story, you’ll be the smartest man in the world. The End.


From Dusk Till Dawn

Bank robbers kidnap a man and his daughter to get them across the U.S/Mexican border. Then, vampire strippers. The end.

Cool Hand Luke

Paul Newman is in jail, tries to escape, gets caught, tries to escape, and then gets caught again. Then he eats 50 hard boiled eggs. The end.


Watery tornados lift sharks up and bring them inland. This apparently pisses sharks off because they eat everyone. Tara Reid is still skank-hot. The end.

Stand By Me

Chopper sicks balls, speaking of which, a big leech sucks on some. They (the kids, not the balls) see a dead body and fight a rival gang. Oh, and the fat kid grows up to marry Rebecca Romijn – true story. The End.