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wolfCopAn alky cop turns into a werewolf. You get to see a regular penis turn into a wolf penis, and also a bestiality love scene between WolfCop and a foxy lady. He doesn’t play basketball, but I think is Teen Wolf’s dad. The End.


Olympus Has Fallen

Die Hard in the Whitehouse. The movie is able to overcome a brief appearance by Maggie “Sad Turtle” Gyllenhaal as the First Lady (Spoiler: She dies) to finish strong. It’s pretty sweet. The End.


An awesome, messed up movie where a guys super power is a super sense of smell. This naturally leads him to kill women. The end


In Bruges

Colin Farrell and another guy play hit men sent on ‘vacation’ before one is forced to turn traitor. There’s also a racist midget. The end



if you thought Divergent was ok, this movie is a little less ok. Let me guess, the final movie/book ends in ‘ent’. The end


Sophisticated Gentlemen Podcast 3

Sophisticated Gentlemen Podcast 3

Sophisticated Gentlemen
It’s for mature audiences people, and is NSFW – This episode we talk Badgers, yoga pants, back page, cats, pubic grooming, and craigslist, among other shenanigans. With guest host cousin Rob. Forgive the sound levels, our IT and mixing departments did a shitty job here.

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A wrestling movie with John Cena and the black guy from Lethal Weapon playing supporting roles. Totally realistic movie about a kid who has never wrestled before pinning some regional champ or some shit like that. The DVD was released exclusively at Wal-Mart, which should tell you the quality of this flick, and despite its name it was not – Lengen – wait for it – Dary. The End.