Monthly Archives: October 2015

Funny People

Truth in advertising alert: about as funny as a trip to the Holocaust Museum, except you can probably make it out of that faster than this longwinded affair. A Judd Apatow (who I normally like) vehicle that horribly miscasts Adam Sandler as a comedian. The funniest part comes 30 seconds from the end where Rogan tells a joke that goes like this: my grandfather took Viagra and thought he was titty fucking my grandma, but turns out he was just humping his saggy balls. The End.

funny people

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Marshall from How I Met Your Mother gets dumped by his cheating girlfriend Sarah Marshall (I know, confusing because Marshall isn’t even that common of a name) and goes away to Hawaii to get away. But that slut is there, so it gets awkward. However, by the end he bangs Jackie from that 70’s show, makes a sweet muppet Dracula musical, and shows a lot of wang. The end.

forgetting sarah marshall

The Martian

Like a space version of Castaway, except with worse writing and acting. There is sweet 70’s soundtrack though. And :SpoilerAlert: there are no actual martians, what BS! Marvin martian.  The End.