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This movie should have been titled “Feminist Fairytale.” It is about drunk, slutty, “Plain Jane” who lands a doctor because she has a vagina, ooohh, and she’s so sassy (men LOVE that sass ladies)! At least Lebron James is funny though. The End.



Dinosaur 13

If you like to yell at your tv when scientists get screwed over by the government, neighbors, and pretty much anyone else who has a chance to make a buck, you’ll love this documentary. This movie has everything from dinosaur fossils…ok, it pretty much just has dinosaur fossils. The end.

dinosaur 13

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Worth a watch just to hear the great song “You’re a Fuckin’ Nerd and Nobody Like You”. The plot was super weak but there is a guy on guy virtual reality sex scene, naked female boobies, all mixed with some shaky humor. The end.



One of my favorite movies that came out recently (which is weird because there aren’t even any female boobies in it), staring Matthew McConaughey as some sort of future scientist/Engineer/NASA pilot turned farmer. He has to fly through a worm hole, and eventually a black hole in order to find a new Earth and save humanity. The End


Daddy’s Home

Starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, this movie is comparable to a shiny piece of crap. Surprise, surprise; Wahlberg plays a bad boy character and Ferrell plays a loveable, awkward guy. The end.

daddy home

The Martian

Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded on this make believe planet called “Mars”. The movie was pretty good but would have been better if he had used his Boston accent from Good Will Hunting or karate kicked some aliens Bourne style, even though there are no aliens in this movie (anti spoiler). The end.