Super awesome movie about nerdy black kids from ‘the hood’ who are obsessed with 90’s hip-hop culture getting wrapped up dealing with illegal drugs. They end up dealing with this thing called ‘bit coins’ which is on the internet I think. The end.

The Finest Hours

Ben Affleck’s little brother is in charge of half of a big boat that breaks up in a storm and the guy that plays Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movies goes out to try and save everyone. Some dick and fart jokes would have spiced this bad boy up a bit, but apparently that’s too high class for this New England based movie. The end.

finest hours

Sharknado2 & 3

The guy from 90210 and skanky hot Tara Reid are at in again in these realistic action/comedies. 90210 guy cuts a flying shark in half with a chainsaw, Tara Reid gets her hand bitten off and spends 5 minutes in the hospital, and sharks fly in the upper atmosphere/outer space so I’m pretty sure these movies were based on real events. The end.
sharknado 2

sharknado 3