Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Invasion

This movie has a great storyline but it was poorly executed by Nicole Kidman and the guy that was in some James Bond movies. It’s about an alien virus that spreads by people puking in your face or drinking contaminated puke, which happens often. The end

Death Race 2050

If you’re looking for great acting, comedy, and death defying action all in the same movie, don’t watch this piece of garbage because it had none of those things. I didn’t get it…at all. I enjoyed this movie 0%. The end

American Ultra

The awkward kid from Zombieland and Bella from those vampire movies star in this action/comedy (though it wasn’t funny). Zombieland kid is a stoner and when the secret words are said to him he becomes a CIA trained killing machine, which is good because Eric Forman from That 70s Show is sending people to kill him. A pretty watchable movie. The end


Once again, critics didn’t like it but it’s a pretty decent movie. A lady is abducted by some weirdos in a seemingly random attack and the abductors perform weird tests on her. I had the movie predicted early on but I expect a sequel, which I would watch. The end

The Purge: Election Year

The third installment in the Purge franchise is above average. It seemed to take a long time to get to the climax (that’s NOT what she said) but there’s plenty of action and gore to go around. I rate it 2 electoral votes and a bologna sandwich. The end


Ryan Reynolds dies right away but don’t worry, his handsome, handsome memories are put into Kevin Costner’s crazy phycopath brain and his memories kind of meld with Reynolds’. A lot of narrow escapes and gun shooting in this one. The end

Bridge of Spies

This is a based on true events, Spielberg directed, Cold War era lawyer movie, and, as the title suggests, spy movie. But not the cool Mission Impossible, climb up glass building with sticky gloves, break into impenetrable safes type of spy movie. It’s more of a slow burning drama. The end

The Emerald Forest

This 80’s movie is really slow and 90% of it isn’t in English. But there are a lot of boobies. Like, a lot! The end

Law Abiding Citizen

“Experts” hated this movie but I found it rather entertaining. It starts with a bang when a dude’s family is murdered and the dude spends the rest of the movie getting revenge against the perps and the whole justice system. I found myself rooting for the “bad guy” when he chopped a murderer up into little pieces. The end

Hell or High Water

A medoicre drama about two brothers that were screwed over by a bank and rob a bunch of said bank’s branches. Lebowski is hot on their trail, along with his part Native American partner which he makes fun of…you know, jokes about fire water and tomahawks and such. The end