The Assignment/Tomboy

I was fully expecting to hate this movie…and I did. A bad idea for a movie (which has two names for some reason) that leaves me perplexed at how the lady from Alien and the guy from Monk thought it was a good career move. There is some full frontal nudity to make sure you understand that a guy assassin gets turned into a chick by a doctor out for revenge (yeah, it doesn’t make sense in the movie either). Your time would be better spent staring at your own naked mother. The end


This gory subtitled martial arts film is as if a Jackie Chan movie had a baby with a mediocre Jason Bourne movie. As you would have guessed, a guy wakes up with amnesia and has to save the only person he knows, the lady doctor who saved him. I got tired of the repetative fight scenes and linear storyline after about and hour. The end

The Great Wall

If you can get past the weird gravely voice Matt Damon uses in this movie, it’s pretty freekin’ good. The movie takes place on this fictional, ridiculously large wall China built to keep people out. Matt Damon joins the Chinese in a fight against these invading monsters. The end


This 15 year old movie stars the guy from Twister that just died and Matthew McConaughey. This movie tries to be clever but is kind of like ordering yourself a birthday present; you aren’t surprised when it arrives. It’s about a dad that thinks god speaks to him so he and his two sons hunt deamons who are in human form. The end

Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson has directed two of my top 100 movies (Braveheart, Apocalypto), and though this movie based on a true story doesn’t make my list, it’s still pretty decent. Aside from the opening scene, the first half is drama and smoochy lovey stuff and The second half shows the drab reality of WW2 battles and a hero medic who objects to the violence of war but wants to do his part. It was weird seeing Vince Vaughn play a serious role in this flick. The end