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This movie was viewed in preparation for watching the second one and I wasn’t disappointed. The creepy Annabelle doll can out-creepy any doll, including Chucky (though Annabelle doesn’t actually use weapons to kill, unless summoning deamons is a weapon…but I digress). Some good, scary, pants pooping stuff in here. The end

Galaxy of Horrors

What, you’ve never heard of this movie either? This is a collection of short ‘horror’ films (a la Tales From the Crypt) mostly dealing with the apocalypse and future technology ruining our lives. The best review I can give is that this movie wasn’t as shit-burgerish as I expected. The end.

Baby Driver

I don’t listen to ‘experts’ when they rave about movies like they did about this but, goddamn, this was a good movie! The worst part of this movie is the stupid name and the 1970’s looking art they used for the dvd cover but the acting core (aside from the main guy Baby and his love interest, neither of whom I recognized) of Kevin Spacy, Jamie Foxx, and John Hamm (apparently ending your name in double consonants = acting chops) more than made up for it. The opening scene is kickass and the soundtrack is double tits! The end

Dirty Dancing (2017)

If you like made for tv movies that are remakes of “classic” 80s movies then this is a must see! The soundtrack is good and the main character is the badass little sister from Zombieland (the movie, not the city in Finland) and was a good fit for the roll of Baby (pulled off the frumpy, brainy, uncoordinated dancer part perfectly). Overall the acting was poor, the lip syncing lame, and the overall tone cheesy. The end


A young guy does magic, sells drugs, gets into a precarious spot due to drug selling, gets out of trouble with magic. This is a pretty damn good movie, especially if you like magic…and drugs. The end

Phoenix Forgotten

This was a pretty good found footage, historical fiction, sci-fi,thriller, docu-drama based on the famous ‘Phoenix lights’ which appeated in 1997. In this movie 3 kids disappear while investigating the lights and are never found…but a missing tape was! If you like seizure inducing films, you could do worse than this one. The end