Monthly Archives: November 2017

American Assassin

Some fucked up shit happens in the beginning to turn the kids from Maze Runner into a self taught baddass on a mission to kill bad guys. He teams up with Michael Keaton, the CIA, and some chick to shoot, stab, and choke everyone. Pretty good flick that ends with an awesome explosion. The end.

The Book of Henry

This drama/thriller is outside my preferred genre but it’s unique and I really, really enjoyed it. It’s about a genius 11 year old who finds out his neighbor/classmate is being abused by her step dad and genius boy plans to kill evil
Step dad. Before genius boy can carry out his plan ;spoiler alert; he dies and leaves instruction for his mom to finish the job. The end.


I had high hopes for this movie in the beginning and then I realized it sucked. John Cusack plays some personified version of an AI that kills all humans because it sees them as a virus. The acting of the main characters was wicked bad, the story was super clunky, and to top it off there are zero naked boobs. The end.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Combine Star Wars and Avatar and you get this sweeeeettt ass movie. This has it all; space ships, other dimensions, time travel, and John Goodman voicing a fat alien. Watch this flick if you like good things and dislike bad things. The end.

Brigsby Bear

This dark dramedy is about Luke Skywalker and his movie wife stealing a kid at birth, raising him in an apocalypse type bunker, and producing a show called Brigsby Bear for him to watch while he’s isolated from the world. The ‘kid’ is rescued when he’s like 25 and decides to finish the Brigsby Bear show by making a movie (which i think is a metaphor for his life). I didn’t hate this movie as much as I thought i would, actually chuckled at a few parts, and like the feel good ending. The end.

American Made

This ‘based on a true story’ flick stars Tom Cruise as a pilot who starts working for the CIA and uses those connections to smuggle drugs into the USA. Tom’s character encounters a problem where he runs out of places to store huge suitcases of money in his mansion, which is a problem I imagine he has in real life. Scientology! The end.