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This fun little Coen brothers movie (but not really a comedy) based in the 50’s is about Matt Damon and Julianne Moore trying to rip off an insurance company. This interesting and straight forward movie would be perfect for ‘date night’ or ‘lonely bachelor night’. No naked boobies in this but you do see Matt Damon’s butt. The end


Matt Damon stars in this movie that I thought was more of a comedy but was a drama. So apparently in the future you’ll be able to shrink yourself to like 5” tall and live like a king for very little money! I can’t wait! The end

The Disaster Artist

What a weird freekin’ dark comedy about a weird freekin’ movie that I just couldn’t stop watching so you should probably see it! So it goes like this: this movie is about the true story behind a movie called ”The Room” made in 2003 that was voted the best worst movie ever made. The cast includes a lot of comedians I recognized like Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer (from the show The League), and starred James Franco and his brother Dave (James’ less talented and less famous brother). The end

The Open House

This Netflix original had so much promise and then it totally blew penguin turds. The ending was written by a third grader that realized it was due tomorrow so they just quick wrote some garbage and handed it in. But to make up for the ending at least the middle was slow, not scary, meandering, and answered zero questions about what the hell was happening. The end

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Some movies are better when you know very little about them, for example From Dusk Til Dawn, and this movie falls in that category. I will say this movie, starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman (boobies!), and some weird kid, has very wooden, robotic, unemotional acting done on purpose to hilight the emotional dramatic parts and it was done beautifully (I know I sound like a movie snob but you’ll instantly know what I’m talking about when you start watching). This very unique, intense, suspenseful movie drew me in like a coed in yoga pants so if you want to get away from status quo Hollywood movies, watch this! The end

Lucky Logan

Channing Tatum, his brother, a one armed Kylo Ren, and one of the James Bonds star in this comedy/thriller. Channing and his brother are war vets that are down on their luck so they decide to rob a race track (with the help of James Bond) because I guess that’s what you do in West Virginia. This movie has some laughy parts and actually a pretty good story. The end