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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The opening is dolphins (the water mammal, not the football team) singing a rednition of “Goodbye and Thank You for the Fish” before leaving the failed earth. This movie has a depressed robot, a guy with 2 heads, an all knowing computer, and paperwork obsessed slug looking aliens. And the answers to all of lifes questions is “42” which translates to “watch this shit!” The end.

Super Troopers 2

Farva is still funny. Fred savage makes a cameo. Not as good as #1 but there are a lot of good Canadian jokes. The end

The Greasy Strangler

If you were a fan of Napoleon Dynamite and Kung Fury, you’ll enjoy this dark comedy/thriller to the max! Elija Wood, aka Frodo Baggins, was one of the producers of this nearly NC-17 version of a Napoleon Dynamiteish movie, with a ton of male full frontal nudity. If you’re not sold yet, this old guy, when him and his son aren’t inexplicably wearing women’s clothes and going to discos, covers himself is grease and goes around strangling people to their comic demise. The end

Army of Darkness

Apparently I’m one of the few who missed this wacky cult classic about some guy who’s apparently a badass that gets sucks from the 90’s into midevil times. Even though he has a chainsaw hand (that he changes out to a homemade robot hand) and a shotgun, he gets his ass kicked by women, witches, books, skeletons, and himself, but (spoiler alert) comes out on top. This horror comedy is fun for the whole family! The end


Matt Damon stars in this movie that I thought was more of a comedy but was a drama. So apparently in the future you’ll be able to shrink yourself to like 5” tall and live like a king for very little money! I can’t wait! The end

The Disaster Artist

What a weird freekin’ dark comedy about a weird freekin’ movie that I just couldn’t stop watching so you should probably see it! So it goes like this: this movie is about the true story behind a movie called ”The Room” made in 2003 that was voted the best worst movie ever made. The cast includes a lot of comedians I recognized like Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer (from the show The League), and starred James Franco and his brother Dave (James’ less talented and less famous brother). The end

Lucky Logan

Channing Tatum, his brother, a one armed Kylo Ren, and one of the James Bonds star in this comedy/thriller. Channing and his brother are war vets that are down on their luck so they decide to rob a race track (with the help of James Bond) because I guess that’s what you do in West Virginia. This movie has some laughy parts and actually a pretty good story. The end

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

This sequal to the movie made 20 years earlier is more of a comedy than the first one and I actually laughed a few times. This has a good mix of awkward teens and good looking adults (The Rock = yummy) and Jack Black plays a girl…sort of (you just have to watch it to understand). I rate this movie two bananas and one ripe avocado. The end.

Brigsby Bear

This dark dramedy is about Luke Skywalker and his movie wife stealing a kid at birth, raising him in an apocalypse type bunker, and producing a show called Brigsby Bear for him to watch while he’s isolated from the world. The ‘kid’ is rescued when he’s like 25 and decides to finish the Brigsby Bear show by making a movie (which i think is a metaphor for his life). I didn’t hate this movie as much as I thought i would, actually chuckled at a few parts, and like the feel good ending. The end.

The Babysitter (2017)

This Netflix movie about a hot but evil babysitter caught my eye. The movie was really well done and filled with some comical deaths and cheeky yet stereotypical horror movie characters. It reminded me of a rated R ‘Home Alone’ mixed with some ‘Dale and Tucker’. The end