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God Bless America

A guy gets sick of what society has become with all of its internetting and tv channels full of no talent ass clowns so he teams up with a teenage girl and starts killing annyoying people. This movie is like a dream most of us have had. The end.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Good glorified galaxy gangsters generate great gaety by gallivantingly quashing guerrillas. I hate alliteration but not this goddamn movie because this goddamn movie is super goddamn awesome. I saw it in 3D and I might like it even more than the first Guardians movie which was also goddamn glorious . The end.

Boss Baby

An odd premise for a movie; babies are produced by a company run by babies and some of the babies drink this magic potion that makes them corporate douche bags but they keep their baby bodies. There are some parts that I laughed at though. I rate this movie one pair of mismatched socks and a bite of cheese. The end

Detention of the Dead

This zombie ‘comedy’ B-movie has the usual cast of characters; jock, stoner, nerd, cheerleader, and goth chick. Whatever this movie was trying to accomplish, it didn’t, unless it was to make a terrible version of The Breakfast Club with zombies. The end

Angry Birds

The angry birds get angry at those green pig things. The end

Freaks of Nature

An oddly entertaining movie which, to the layperson, is about a town where humans, zombies, and vampires all live in harmony until the aliens come and cause chaos. To the more observant, this movie is a metaphor for high school cliques, societal caste systems, adherence to social norms, and a tyrannical government (aliens) that takes what the people work hard for and think they know what is best for everyone. Or, quite possibly, i’m full of shit. The end

Death Race 2050

If you’re looking for great acting, comedy, and death defying action all in the same movie, don’t watch this piece of garbage because it had none of those things. I didn’t get it…at all. I enjoyed this movie 0%. The end

American Ultra

The awkward kid from Zombieland and Bella from those vampire movies star in this action/comedy (though it wasn’t funny). Zombieland kid is a stoner and when the secret words are said to him he becomes a CIA trained killing machine, which is good because Eric Forman from That 70s Show is sending people to kill him. A pretty watchable movie. The end


This Mel Brooks scientific documentary (or possibly a spoof of a movie I can’t quite put my finger on) is sadly not about testicles in space. It it includes characters named Dark Helmet, Barf (a half dog, half man mythical creature), an annoying golden robot, and Pizza the Hut, and includes the theoretical but never proven speed that’s faster than light called ‘ludicrous speed’. The end

Murder Party

I’m so glad this award winning comedy/horror gem from 2007 was brought to my attention! This idiot finds a random halloween party invite on the ground for a…you guessed it…murder party, and actually decides to go. He dresses in a stupid homemade cardboard box costume and is the intended murder victim of these baffoon artists who generously use the word ‘dildo’. The end