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Bohemian Rhapsody

I wish this movie was just all music but it was only like 50% (booooo!)! It’s about a guy with big teeth that sings really well and starts a band called ‘Queen’. No boobs though so I can only rate this movie 2 unripe bananas and one phillips screwdriver. The end.


It’s fookin’ aliens (said in an Irish accent for absolutely no reason)! This documentary is really well done and is more about government coverups than actually aliens. I give this move three anal probes in the butt! The end.

All Eyez on Me

This is a pretty kick ass movie if you’re a Tupac fan. The guy that plays Tupac looks just like him, Suge Knight’s character was good, but the guys that played Biggie and Snoop sucked. The movie jumped around a bit so it was confusing but the soundtrack is saaawwweeeettt! The end.

Life, Animated

An awesome ‘must watch’ documentary for anyone who knows someone with autism or just wants to know more about it. This is right up there with Temple Grandin in awesomeness, but Temple has an autism super power, while Owen in this movie really doesn’t. Watch it! The end

Dinosaur 13

If you like to yell at your tv when scientists get screwed over by the government, neighbors, and pretty much anyone else who has a chance to make a buck, you’ll love this documentary. This movie has everything from dinosaur fossils…ok, it pretty much just has dinosaur fossils. The end.

dinosaur 13


Basically, a documentary. About 20 years from now. True story, you’ll be the smartest man in the world. The End.