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Bohemian Rhapsody

I wish this movie was just all music but it was only like 50% (booooo!)! It’s about a guy with big teeth that sings really well and starts a band called ‘Queen’. No boobs though so I can only rate this movie 2 unripe bananas and one phillips screwdriver. The end.

Dirty Dancing (2017)

If you like made for tv movies that are remakes of “classic” 80s movies then this is a must see! The soundtrack is good and the main character is the badass little sister from Zombieland (the movie, not the city in Finland) and was a good fit for the roll of Baby (pulled off the frumpy, brainy, uncoordinated dancer part perfectly). Overall the acting was poor, the lip syncing lame, and the overall tone cheesy. The end

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I absolutely loved the animated version of this movie and I realized I’m a B&B purist. It took me about half the movie to get over the fact that this had real people in it and the songs weren’t exactly the same (and there were new ones). But once I got over those small hurdles, I really enjoyed this and, btw, the main scenes (opening, be our guest, the date, Gaston…)were really well done. The end.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Marshall from How I Met Your Mother gets dumped by his cheating girlfriend Sarah Marshall (I know, confusing because Marshall isn’t even that common of a name) and goes away to Hawaii to get away. But that slut is there, so it gets awkward. However, by the end he bangs Jackie from that 70’s show, makes a sweet muppet Dracula musical, and shows a lot of wang. The end.

forgetting sarah marshall