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Sophisticated Gentlemen Podcast 3

Sophisticated Gentlemen Podcast 3

Sophisticated Gentlemen
It’s for mature audiences people, and is NSFW – This episode we talk Badgers, yoga pants, back page, cats, pubic grooming, and craigslist, among other shenanigans. With guest host cousin Rob. Forgive the sound levels, our IT and mixing departments did a shitty job here.

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Sophisticated Gentlemen Podcast 2

Sophisticated Gentlemen


Talk this episode about vegetarians, 90’s video games, on-line dating, fashion, and introduces Impression Roulette (TM).

Sophisticated gentlemen Podcast 2 (download)


Sophisticated Gentlement Podcast 1


Sophisticated GentlemenFirst Podcast, figuring it out. This shitshow has some good talk on gout, waxing, dating experiences, and excellent impressions. We expect this will get better!

Sophisticated_Gentlemen_1 (MP3 file – click to download)

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