A Star is Born

A singing celebrity that’s drunk and high all the time makes a no name Lady Gaga into a star. For being a slow ass drama it was pretty damn great. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe you’ll eat a cheeseburger. The end.

The Shape of Water

This Guillermo del Toro movie is all the rage and is expected to win the Academy Award for best picture but I liked it the first time i saw it when it was called Beauty and the Beast. It’s actually a pretty good movie about a mute lady that falls in love with a water mermaid type guy who reminds of the water creature from Hellboy. Plus, full frontal nudity = bonus! The end.

Amelia 2.0

In this sci-fi drama based in the future, a lady has a stroke and her husband has the chance to put her ‘brain’ in a robot. So questions like what is a soul, is a copy of her actually her, and what is it like to hump a robot are asked. Pretty slow movie…but the future looks cool! The end

Dirty Dancing (2017)

If you like made for tv movies that are remakes of “classic” 80s movies then this is a must see! The soundtrack is good and the main character is the badass little sister from Zombieland (the movie, not the city in Finland) and was a good fit for the roll of Baby (pulled off the frumpy, brainy, uncoordinated dancer part perfectly). Overall the acting was poor, the lip syncing lame, and the overall tone cheesy. The end

Berlin Syndrome

This chick totally does it with this dude and then he decides to keep her locked in his apartment for months. She escapes. The end.