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If you like to complain how all movies have happy endings (or beginnings, or middles)or are just feeling too happy, watch this movie. It has Guy Pearce in it and is told out of order like another movie he’s in named Memento. This movie is essentially about the worst priest ever and how shitty one girls (Fern from Charlotte’s Web) life is during the wild west days. The end

Magnificent 7

About 4.3 million shots were fired in this ‘new’ western, which is pretty good for a 2 hour movie. A rag tag group of good guys consisting of a black guy (Denzel Washington), an Asian guy (who’s like a ninja), an Indian (feathers, not dots), a Mexican (who i don’t recognize), Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, Private Pile from Full Metal Jacket, a woman, and another white guy or two, against all odds, battle an evil gold mining corporation. The end.